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    rue du Palais

    The Place de Forum forms the city square in Arles, France. Vincent Van Gogh immortalized its existence by capturing it in his painting Cafe Terrace at Night. There were a ...

  • The construction of Saint Quiriace began in the 12th century, but was never completed due to lack of funds under the reign of Philippe le Bel. The grand dome, for which the church is famous ...

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    Le premier Agenda Culturel

    Precisely what this intriguing network of underground rooms was used for is still unclear. It seems as though they were originally quarries ...

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    7, rue du Palais

    The Provins Town and District Museum displays the rich cultural heritage of the Provins district. You can find many archaeological artefacts, medieval religious artworks and freemason's regalia right up to ...

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    place Saint-Quiriace

    Although the Tour Cesar (Cesar's Tower) dates back to the 12th Century, historians are sure a tower has existed on this spot for much longer, possibly since the ...

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    rue Couverte

    This classic brasserie located in the heart of Provins' medieval city, is open seven days a week and features a heated terrace affording picturesque views of the ...

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    porte Saint-Jean

    Les Remparts (Fortified Walls) of Provins are an incredible example of medieval architecture, serving as an enduring reminder of the importance and prosperity of this city during the ...

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    chemin de Villecran

    The town of Provins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a history buff's and tourist's dream come true. You can't walk a block without stumbling over some ancient relic or artifact of French antiquity. Departing from ...

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    Rue Martyrs 1

    The Tithe Barn or Grange aux Dîmes was used not only to store the grain collected as tax from farmers, but as the site of the Champagne Fairs where a form of wholesale, intra ...

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    Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs

    The fortified medieval town of Provins is situated in the former territory of the powerful Counts of Champagne. It bears witness to early developments in the ...