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    4-2-28 Hase

    Lady Inada no Tsubone [d. 1253] together with a monk called Joko were responsible for the fund raising which resulted in the aesthetically pleasing Great Buddha, dedicated ...

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    South Of Tokyo

    Just about one hour south of Tokyo by train, Kamakura offers a treasure-trove of Japanese history and culture. The city was Japan's capital for about 150 years (1185-1333), and today there are still some 70 ...

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    3-11-2 Hase

    The focal point at this temple is the highly acclaimed statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon. It is believed that in 721 the priest Tokudo used half of a massive camphor log to carve the ...

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    2-1-31 Yukinoshita

    Dedicated to the Minamoto family's guardian, the god of war, this shrine is believed to date to 1063. Noted for its striking vermilion embellished and ...

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    1-15-1 Omachi

    Kamakura's biggest temple is also one of its oldest and is located in the lush Hikigayatsu Valley. This Nichiren-sect temple was established as a Hiki family memorial ...

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    12-17-2 Zaimokuza

    As the buildings are very new, this temple is better known for its lovely grounds. Some of the miracles attributed to Nichiren supposedly ...

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    2-9 Zaimokuza

    This simple, understated tiny shrine is sometimes referred to as the Zaimokuza's neighborhood shrine because in 1908 it was combined with other shrines in the vicinity ...

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    12-1 Ogigayatsu 2-chome

    Located on the side of a hill with caves in the background and under a canopy of trees is this often overlooked Shingon temple. Just four years before he was ...

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    1-16-3 Eishoji

    In 1636 Lady Eisho (nee Katchi no Tsubone) established this Jodo sect nunnery. She was the great, great granddaughter of Dokan Ota (father of Tokyo) and also a mistress of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Her tomb [d.1647] as well as the ...

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    1402 Yamanouchi

    This small temple was established in 1283 by Murotoki, the grandson of Tokimune, the sixth Kamakura regent. It is ranked fourth among the "Gozan" or the five major Zen temples. A portion ...