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    406-1 Zoshi-cho

    The legacy of the Great Buddha and the Todai-ji itself are reflections of Japan's admiration of the T'ang dynasty. During the Nara era, the state used Buddhism to make a power statement. The Great Buddha Hall ...

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    517 Horen-higashi-kakiuchi-cho

    Located near Hannya-ji, Futai-ji is known for its flowers which include irises, chrysanthemums, camellias, golden bells, and hagi ...

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    445 Yagyushimo-cho

    To honor his father, Muneyoshi [1527-1606], Munenori Yagyu [1571-1646] established this family temple. Munenori was an official shogunal fencing instructor, hired by Ieyasu Tokugawa. Yagyu in ...

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    1273 Ninnikusen-cho

    Established in 756 by Koro, believed to be one of the Chinese priests who accompanied Ganjin back to Japan, Enjo-ji is a prominent temple on the Yagyu Road. The garden (Jodo sect ...

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    28 Nishi-shinyamachi

    The result of a plan to tie in with the Silk Road Exposition (1988) and the revitalization of Nara-machi, this specialty museum focuses on various devices which men have produced to mark time. For ...

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    Totsukawaso is located beside the Totsu River at the base of a wall of cliffs. The Tosenji hot springs are located in the cliffs. The indoor baths ...

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    Once an imperial palace (Himuro Gosho) became the head provincial nunnery. Hokke-ji was established as a convent in 747 by Empress Komyo, who was the wife of Emperor Shomu. She had ...

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    600-1 Takabatake-cho

    The architecture of this museum is definitely modern but its designer Kishio Kurokawa managed to construct an aesthetically pleasing building which blends in well with the backdrop of ...

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    11 Chuincho

    Formerly called the Hokoji, it is known as Japan's first Buddhist temple. It was removed to this site from Asuka in 718. One of Nara's seven great temples, Gango-ji ...

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    160 Kasugano-cho

    Although the beginnings of the Fujiwara's family mid-8th century shrine are rather cloudy, it is plausible that after the capital was established at Nara that Fubito Fujiwara ...