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    22300 Kuala Besut

    This island is a myriad of activity — jungle trekking, snorkeling, canoing, windsurfing, coral spotting, scuba diving, fishing trips and island ...

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    107 Kilometres North-east of Johor Bahru

    Mersing is a rustic fishing village town about 136 kilometres north-east of Johor Bahru. It is famed as a stepping-off point to the Johor's underwater paradise; more ...

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    Pulau Batu Gajah

    Roughly 10 kilometers from Mersing (two hours from Johor Bahru) lies a beachcomber's paradise. Cast off the shackles of urbanization for the endless stretches of grayish ...

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    65 kilometers east of Mersing

    Only for those with stomachs strong enough to withstand the nauseating four-hour boat ride to the island. However, once you step on the creamy sands, all is forgotten ...

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    38 Majidee

    This is one of several smallish islands collectively known as the Sibu archipelago located about three kilometres off the eastern coast of Johor. Accessible by boat from the Tanjung ...

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    16 kilometers away from Mersing

    Just a two-hour boat ride away from the Mersing coast lies the gateway to Utopia for the plagued urbanite. Ivory sands, swaying coconut palms, multi-hued topical fishes ...

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    72km south of Mersing

    If you are heading for Pulau Sibu off the Mersing Coast, you have to board a boat at the jetty here in Tanjung Leman, a short two-hour drive from Johor Bahru or 4.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Book into the Tunjuk Laut ...

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    45 kilometers east of Mersing

    If you are an avid angler, then this island is your nirvana. The farthest of the 13 islands from Mersing , this island has been nominated one of the best ...

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    37 kilometers Southeast of Mersing

    Chinese spice traders in the 19th century nicknamed this island 'General's Hat Island', thanks to the hill in the middle of it. Generally isolated except for a tiny fishing ...

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    14 kilometres off the coast of Mersing

    Pulau Hujong lies 14 kilometres off the coast of Mersing , sandwiched between bigger islands. Most travellers make a short stopover here whilst on their merry way ...