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    7 Hirano-machi

    This museum is a certain destination for those visiting Nagasaki for the first time. It almost seems inconceivable that someone could have been to Nagasaki and not have ...

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    2400-2 Matsuyama-machi

    Visitors to Nagasaki almost have a moral obligation to visit this famous and sacred park. With 35,000 square meters, it is fairly large, but more importantly, it is dedicated to world ...

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    90-48 Narusawa

    The theme of this large, open-air museum is anthropology, and it allows the visitor to literally walk into the lives of different peoples from around the world. Thirty-three actual homes ...

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    7-8 Nishizaka-machi

    This monument, located within a few minutes of Nagasaki station, is dedicated to 26 Christians who were executed in 1597. The monument is a long wall with the ...

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    801 Minami-yamate-machi

    Glover Gardens are named so because of a wealthy Scottish man by the name of Thomas Glover who built his residence on the property in 1863. His residence is the oldest wooden ...

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    This Dutch theme park, located to the northeast of Nagasaki City, is one of Nagasaki's most famous attractions, along with the Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum. More than a theme park with ...

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    Peace Park

    On August 9, 1945, at 11:02am, the second atomic bomb fell toward Japan and exploded 500 meters over this site. What stands here now is a single, black, stone column. Around the base, you ...

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    65-2 Kitakoken

    While not one of the largest castles you will find in Japan, it is acknowledged as having the oldest existing donjon, built more that 450 ...

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    5-33 Yorozuya-machi

    This standard bar has booths and tables, as well as seats at the bar, from which you can see any part of the room. Local musicians play here on occasion, and at other times ...

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    18-15 Kaminishiyama-machi

    You only reach this shrine after climbing up 200 stone steps; so bring some walking shoes. The patron god of the shrine is protectorate of Nagasaki Prefecture and its seas ...