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    via Montepellegrino

    The Santa Rosalia Sanctuary is located 430m above sea level, at the top of some steps that were cut out of the rock. Built in 1625, it houses a church and a convent. The church ...

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    piazza Marina

    Improvements to this area drawn up by Filippo Basile in 1863 resulted in the splendid square we see today. The attractive layout of impressive Garibaldi gardens with their distinctive fig ...

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    1 P.zza Guglielmo il Buono

    Once surrounded by lush green countryside, this marvellous Norman castle gets its name from the Arab word el-aziz , meaning "splendid". At the height of its glory, this royal residence set in fabulous ...

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    piazza Indipendenza

    An imposing structure in the heart of old Palermo, this Norman palace of great historical and artistic importance has, over the centuries, undergone numerous transformations ...

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    via dei Benedettini, 4

    Palermo wouldn't be the same without this typically Arabic-Norman church with its five little red domes standing against a sky which is nearly always blue. Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti (St. John of the ...

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    24 Via Ernesto Basile

    This large restaurant is decorated in modern style with a bar on one side and a self service room on the other. The rotisserie is a definite must, as are the Palermo desserts and ...

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    piazza Olivella, 16

    This museum is housed within a convent belonging to the Cappucin friars. Most of the collection relates to the period of Greek dominance. Among the more interesting ...

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    piazza Don Bosco, 7

    Opened in the mid-1950s, this is a well-known cafe with a spacious interior and a friendly atmosphere. Its attractive counter displays filled with typical Palermian ...

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    13 Piazza Unità d'Italia

    This modern restaurant's state-of-the-art decor is the perfect match for its versatile menu. Pigalle offers an attractive combination of simple and sophisticated dishes -at prices to ...

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    115 Via di Belmonte

    Renowned for its mouth-watering biscuits, cakes, meringues and other delicacies, one of the city's oldest cafes is the place to ...