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    Georgsplatz 3

    Located on Georgsplatz, Georxx's spacious rooms are dominated by imposing columns. In the morning, this is the perfect place enjoy a cup of coffee and ...

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    Adenauerallee 3

    The Hanover Zoo shows wild animals in their "natural" environments. Instead of staring into cages, visitors can walk up a "gorilla mountain", pave their way through ...

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    1 Nikolaistrasse

    As the name already implies, the Trinidad is a genuine Caribou-Bar. The ambience is a bit too overloaded with straw mats and oil drums, but it seems to work. Of ...

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    Rudolf-von Bennigsen-Ufer

    An artificial lake built close to the city center in 1936, Lake Maschsee is one of Hanover's most popular recreation areas. 78,000 square meters in size but no deeper than two ...

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    This square in the center of the Hanover City is often refered to as the heart of the town. The square takes its name from an old Cafe, named Kröpcke, which was founded in the ...

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    The ruins of this venerable old church are certainly worth a look. It is probable that a chapel was built on the site as early as the 10th Century, but it was replaced ...

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    Bultstrasse 7

    This mobile theater for the region has its base in Hanover and was founded in 1952. The performers tour through the towns and villages in Lower Saxony, which ...

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    Am Grossen Garten 74

    This open-air theater is the only one of its kind in the city. Located directly below the Herrenhäuser Gärten in a historic district of the city, it is a unique event venue that ...

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    Ernst-August-Platz 1

    640 trains stop at Hanover's biggest train station every day. Once destroyed by the ravages of World War II, Hauptbahnhof now proudly stands in the center of the city. In front of the ...

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    Bergmannstrasse 7

    The optimal place to study the two meanings of the word gay. The bar is crowded, the noise level high, the music is everything from techno to Madonna and when one of the famous spontaneous ...