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    Fraser Avenue

    The four blocks that constitute downtown Lanai City are arranged around this park, creating a charming old-fashioned town square. Inside the park, old men ...

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    434 8th St

    This big, jumbled store is an institution in Lanai City. It has been around for more than 60 years and is Lanai's oldest retail center - and not much has ...

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    828 Lanai Ave

    Located at Hotel Lanai this is the only upscale restaurant in Lanai City. It also is quite the local watering hole. Tourists and locals congregate in the warm, old ...

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    1 Manele Bay Dr

    Neither indoor nor outdoor, dark nor light, this bar could only exist in Hawai'i—or perhaps, in the movies. Situated in the Four Seasons Resort, Lana'i at Manele Bay , there's no wall on the sea ...

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    443 7th St

    The Mike Carroll Gallery is an unexpected find on the Island of Lanai. With original oils and prints by award-winning Lanai artist Mike Carroll, wood bowls by Warren Osako ...

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    363 7th St

    While this boutique is small and unpretentious, its success marks a turning point in Lanai's development - an upscale boutique can stay in business in Lanai. This store sells dresses ...

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    Offshore, South West Lana'i

    So as to immediately disillusion all avid shark divers: This site is named after the pinnacle that protrudes from the water and resembles a fin. It is actually one of the ...

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    833 Ilima Ave

    There isn't a Safeway to be found on the island; even Foodland hasn't yet made an appearance in Lana'i City. This is the closest thing to a full-scale grocery store on the island. Fresh produce and meat ...

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    356 8th St

    This store is located next door to International Food & Clothing, and seems to be its only competition. It sells canned and boxed grocery items, liquor ...

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    339 7th St

    The Lana'i Art Center and Gallery is located in downtown Lana'i City, just a few doors down from the Blue Ginger Cafe. Funny little ornaments, many of them made during ...