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    Avenida Rafael E Melgar

    The quality of merchandise that vendors on Cozumel sell can sometimes be suspect, to say the least. Del Sol has a gimmick to their products - everything changes color in the sun. That ...

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    Avenida Rafael Melgar at Calle 6

    Housed in what was once Cozumel's first luxury hotel, this museum has exhibits on the history and natural environment of the island. Displays on the ground floor explain ...

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    Aveinda Rafael Melgar #2a

    This rock-and-roll chain bar is one of the first places you see when you arrive at the ferry docks. It's been designed to resemble a quasi-Maya ruin with a marine fresco inside. Memorabilia ...

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    Conzumel Island

    Cozumel is a souvenir shopper's paradise. At Arte Joyero you have a choice of tacky but fun souvenirs such as the glitzy Mariachi Sombreros that scream “I've been to Mexico.” There are ...

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    Conzumel Island

    Plaza Confetti is located directly on the north side of Plaza Central . It's a small, Mexican style shopping plaza with colonial architecture, painted in shocking pinks ...

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    Parque Marino de Cozumel

    Paraiso Reef is 330-feet offshore from the International Cruise Docks, just south of San Miguel. With a maximum depth of 30-feet, weak current and clear water, it is the preferred ...

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    Calle 3 S

    They have a tongue-in-cheek slogan “Second Best Dive Operator In Cozumel ! (The Other 110 say that THEY are the Best)” but have been rated in the top 5 dive operations since ...

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    Zona Hotelera Sur

    This is Cozumel's newest and largest grocery/department store conveniently located at the south end of San Miguel at the beginning of the Southern Hotel Zone. If you can't find it here it's ...

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    P.O. Box 447

    If you want to turn from an ordinary diver into an expert, this is where to come. Since 1982, this company has been offering focused training on buoyancy ...

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    Parque Marino de Cozumel

    Naturally, this reef is located just off the shores of Playa San Francisco (the beach is actually named after the reef). This one kilometer reef has a wall of coral that ...