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    Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman

    This beach is a top favorite because it is less crowded—so that leaves ample space to enjoy some sports in the sun! The regular traffic of boats does not make it a ...

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    Costera M. Aleman 120-9

    At this spacious gallery named after the artist, Sergio Bustamante displays a wonderful assortment of his work, which ranges from his easily recognisable suns, moons and animal ...

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    123 Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán

    Rock Train stands out by having the crown of the Statue of Liberty at the entrance. It is a small place with rock and heavy metal music. Here you will listen to the famous "in" bands of various ...

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    516 Avenida Farallón

    Since this is a "club" type store, a membership is needed in order to enter and purchase items. Membership is easy to establish by paying a reasonable fee, good for three ...

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    Kilometer 7, Carretera Barra Vieja

    Acapulco has one of the best golf courses in the world; so good in fact that it has been chosen more than once to host international competitions. Tres Vidas ...

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    Carretera Aeropuerto

    Located to the East of Acapulco Bay, and very close to the airport, this is a fresh water lagoon of extraordinary natural beauty, which also houses a great variety of wild fauna. Jet-skis are ...

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    Costera Miguel Alemán

    This American-style restaurant opens its doors early to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, and entree selections. The service is excellent, and you are ...

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    121 Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán

    This is considered one of the most important multiplexes in Acapulco. It has nine theaters, all of them air-conditioned for your comfort and with good ...

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    Avenida Solidaridad 34

    Costco is a large warehouse-type store where you can buy groceries, cold cuts, office supplies and furniture at very good prices. Most of the packages are ...

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    Int. La Gran Plaza, Panta Baja

    Amarras sells sportswear. The interiors of the store are designed to look like a stateroom on a ship with a wooden floor and pleasant lights. Most of the clothes ...