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    Costera Miguel Alemán

    This bar has a singular design, it is the deck of a pirate ship. It gets its name from a famous pirate who used to roam the waters off Acapulco. The tables, chairs ...

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    Gran Via Tropical

    If nautical activities attract your attention, Club de Yates is a place you should check out, perhaps to rent one of their first-class yachts. You will also have the opportunity to see ...

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    Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman

    Parque Papagayo offers a wide variety of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. In the mornings, joggers are everywhere, and teenagers play basketball on both ...

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    500 Costera Miguel Alemán

    Wal-Mart is the largest supermarket in Acapulco, stocked with plenty of imported items. The store offers good prices and an extensive stock in all ...

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    Diamante Zone

    The Diamante Area in Acapulco is the newest part of town. This is where the luxury hotels and mansions are to be found. However, there are also some of the ...

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    Costera Miguel Aleman

    This is a casual clothing boutique, easily identified by its garments with Scotch Terrier dogs printed on them. The designs are ...

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    Playas Caleta

    These beaches were once considered to belong to the nobility in traditional Acapulco. Today, tourists may visit them, as long as the visitors remember that ...

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    Bahía de Puerto Marques

    This is a beautiful bay with calm waves that is only a short distance from Acapulco's Costera area. It can be reached by car, taxi, bus or even by boat. Water-skiing and swimming ...

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    Playa Condesa, s/n

    This discotheque is very busy, because the cover charge is low and includes a national drink open bar, plus the atmosphere is youthful and relaxed. As its name indicates, Disco ...

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    Carretera Barra Vieja, Km 12

    This area combines the immensity of the open sea and its intense surf with the peacefulness of the lagoon. Visitors have the choice of swimming in either; this is where fresh and salt-water come ...