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    1 Balo Sokak Istiklal Caddesi

    Baraka resembles a teeming urban jungle. This popular bar, easily accessed by a lift up to the third floor, has been one of the inner city clique's favorite watering ...

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    4 Kameriye Sokak

    This popular club has a reputation for fostering some of the best up and coming bands in the city. Expect a hip, indie crowds and loads of devoted ...

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    24 Istiklal Caddesi

    Located right in the center of the city's largest cinema complex, at first glance 35mm seems like one of those commonplace fancy sandwich joints. However, there is a subtle ...

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    6 Iskele Sokak

    This spot is one of Istanbul's best hidden gems. It's open at the crack of dawn, perfect for those who like an early start to the day. It's a favorite with the locals because of the efficient ...

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    13 Osmancik Sokak

    Long-haired leather-clad Anatolian rockers, wrinkled beatniks, students and ex-pats make up the crowd, drawn by a mix of blues and rock, and Chicago-style ...

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    Siraselviler Caddesi Arslanyatagi Sokak No 5

    Roxy is a well-established live music venue, located just a short walk from the rest of Beyoğlu's bustling nightlife scene. There are always long queues of people ...

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    3 Tünel Myd

    Istanbul's most venerable jazz venue was recently renovated. Enjoying a prime location right next to the upper Tünel station, it's a cafe by day, overlooking the small square ...

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    Taskisla Caddesi

    Travel back to the Ottaman times at The Mezzanine in Hyatt Regency Istanbul . Grab something to drink along with some starters and enjoy it while you sink into the big cosy sofas here in the lounge. Relax in the ...

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    20 Kallavi Sokak

    No reservation, no dinner - those are the rules. This place consists of two dining rooms facing each other across a narrow alley in downtown Beyoglu. The overall ...

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    5 Kabasakal Caddesi

    Hotel Yeşil Ev 's lush lush garden is filled with towering laurel, linden and horse chestnut trees, and it offers a quiet refuge from the tourist-ridden city ...