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    1 Isaakievskaya Ploshchad'

    During the first part of the 19th Century, 11,000 serfs drove 25,000 wooden planks into the ground creating the foundation for what would become Isaakievskiy Sobor (Saint ...

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    Dvortsovaya Ploshchad'

    Lined by the imperious Winter Palace and the sweeping majesty of the General Staff building, this square is one of the world's most impressive inner-city expanses. Like Red Square in ...

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    Letnii Sad

    In 1704, Peter the Great employed Frenchman Le Blond to design a luxurious formal garden in the manner of Versailles. In 1777, the beautiful garden with fountains, imported trees and more than 200 ...

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    2 Lermontovskiy Prospekt

    The Edmond J Safra Grand Choral Synagogue is the second largest and second most architecturally elegant synagogue in Europe, its cupola reaching a height of some 47 meters. It was ...

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    2 Kirishskaya Ulitsa

    The building was formerly the home of St. Petersburg's most famous ballerina before the Revolution. Subsequently appropriated by the Bolsheviks, it eventually became the museum ...

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    Razvodnaya Ulitsa 2

    Of all St. Petersburg's attractions, the country estate of Peterhof is perhaps the place that inspires the greatest pride among the city's population. Extravagant and bombastic in ...

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    44 Fontanka Naberzhnaya

    More than 10 years have passed since the fall of the Soviet regime. Perhaps a decade is long enough to allow Soviet style to make a come-back. That seems to be the idea behind this bar/restaurant - one of ...

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    4 Dvortsovaya ploshchad'

    It was Catherine the Great who was responsible for creating the celebrated State Hermitage Museum within the walls of her glorious Imperial residence, the Winter Palace . At the time of ...

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    Moskovskii Prospekt

    This thoroughfare has Stalinist architecture that abounds on and around it, nonetheless it has enough to intrigue any new arrival from the nearby airport. Here you will find monolithic buildings ...

  • Hidden behind a cluster of trees on the banks of the Neva is the oldest building in St Petersburg. This is a three-room log cabin, which was home to the city ...