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    St Mark's Square

    Piazza San Marco is Venice's most famous piazza. What appears to be a rectangle is actually a trapezium, and when you look up at the basilica, the piazza seems enormous, although it is only 175 ...

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    ponte de Rialto

    For a long time this was the only way to cross the Canal Grande. There was a bridge here at the end of the 12th Century, but the current one, designed by Antonio da Ponte, was built 1554-1591 ...

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    calle de le Schiavine

    Some legends say that the Ponte dei Sospiri was called the Bridge of Sighs because it was a rendezvous for lovers; however, the truth tells a much sadder ...

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    San Marco, 422

    Started in the 9th century, Basilica di San Marco's architecture shows a Byzantine influence: Note the golden altarpiece Pala d'Oro (Golden Pall) and the 13th and 14th-century mosaics that illustrate ...

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    campo dei Frari

    First opened in the middle of the 13th century, this museum's collection was expanded up until the 16th Century. It houses the Assunta and the Madonna di Cà Pesaro , both by Titian, as well ...

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    San Marco, 422

    You get a splendid view of Venice and the Basilica di San Marco from the tallest bell tower in Venice. It can be seen from the laguna , and once you have reached the top, the whole laguna can be seen from ...

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    San Marco, 52

    There is a silent and almost respectful ambiance in this museum. Visitors enter Museo Correr by means of a staircase, originally built as a grand entrance to the Napoleonic royal palace. From here, the ...

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    San Polo, 3052

    This stunning building was built during the Renaissance period, but displays traces of successive interventions up until the Baroque period. Scuola ...

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    3825 Campo Santo Stefano

    Built by the Hermits in the 13th Century, this church has been restored several times; the present appearance is a result of renovations in the ...

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    isola San Lazzaro degli Armeni

    At the beginning of the 18th Century, Armenian monks arrived in Venice. These monks fled from the Moorish country after the Turkish invasion. The Serenissima (Venetians ...