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    11, rue des Remparts d'Ainay

    The Jeux Descartes shops are most well-known in the entire France to provide their customers with an important choice of games of every kind: chess, go, backgammon, board ...

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    20 Place Charles et Christophe Merieux

    Halle Tony Garnier was built between 1909 and 1914 as an outline for a larger city. It was inaugurated for the 1914 Universal Exhibition as a project for an "industrial city". Nowadays ...

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    20, quai Victor Augagneur

    This is a barge which, at different times, serves as a cafe-theatre, and turns its English pub into an intimate and warm venue for intelligent, spicy humor. The program is varied ...

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    8, avenue Jean Mermoz

    The Maison de la Danse is devoted to defending the art of dance by providing a beautiful, elegant venue to present dance performances to the public. It has ...

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    30, cours de Verdun Perrache

    The Brasserie Georges has been a monument of Lyonnaise gastronomy since 1836. The building alone is worth the visit—it is designed in art deco style and up to 650 people can be ...

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    25, rue du 1er Film

    Institut Lumière a museum and former home of famous inventors Louis and Auguste Lumière is dedicated to all things related to the world of theater ...

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    70, quai Charles de Gaulle

    Le Pharaon is grandiose and follows a theme, which as its name suggests, that largely takes its inspiration from Ancient Egypt, from the decor to the costumes worn by the ...

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    1, rue d'Algérie

    Le Voxx is a hip bar situated in the heart of Lyon. It is open all day long and has a dynamic and fun ambiance once the night sets in. The music is intense, people talk and drink ...

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    4 Rue Juiverie

    Nicknamed "Henry 4th's house" for the bust of him that can be seen in an alcove, this private mansion was built in the second half of the 16th century which makes it part of Lyon's ...

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    31, rue du Boeuf

    "A craftsman for other creative people" reads a blurb on award-winning glass artist Vincent Breed's website. Le Cercle Verre on the Rue du Boeuf is a showroom and purchase point for the one-of-a-kind ...