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    Calle 12 esquina Calle 23

    The beauty and magnificence of this cemetery has made it famous throughout the Latin American continent. Established in 1876, it holds nearly a million graves, many of whose ...

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    Paseo de Marti

    Built in 1929 to house the island's Senate and House of Representatives, National Capitol Building and with a dome that dominates the Havana skyline, this building ...

  • A fine example of 18th-century Ecclesiastic architecture, the facade is full of columns, niches and other baroque embellishments, in contrast to the asymmetry of the spires. Close ...

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    Although it begins in the old quarter, the Malecón is, above all, the face of 1950s Havana; a city striving to match the great capitals of America. Whether in the bay area, with a ...

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    Avenida 1ra. Nº 6002 esquina 60

    At this aquarium, a variety of tropical and subtropical marine species can be seen swimming happily in their tanks, which thanks to their decoration and lighting ...

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    Loma de Casablanca

    Havana's statue of Christ blesses the city from the other side of the bay, much like another well-known effigy of Jesus that gazes down on Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This particular marble sculpture is the ...

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    Obispo 153, esquina A Mercaderes

    The elegant furniture, piano music, marble walls and floor help create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere at this restored cafe. Soft lighting makes this the ideal romantic hangout at ...

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    Paseo de Marti (Prado)

    Framed by majestic-looking early 19th-century buildings, this park (also known as Parque Jose Martí) dates back to 1903. It is a large park ...

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    Havana St

    It was the inhabitants of 19th century Havana, motivated perhaps by the origins of all around them, who erected this shrine with a bust of Christopher Columbus and ...

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    Calle 26 y Santa Teresa

    Located in a central neighborhood of the Cuban capital, this zoo offers a glimpse of the natural world right in the heart of the city. Highlights among the animal inhabitants are ...