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    7th Avenue

    Opened in 1910, this church was once the smallest church in the Transvaal province as it only measured 20 feet by 2 feet. In the early 1900s a group of ...

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    Jan Smuts Ave

    Featuring park-like surrounds, the Johannesburg Zoo offers a glimpse at over 3,000 animal species. Night-time tours are also offered, giving a ...

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    363 Rivonia Blvd

    Intimate dinners for two, a family gathering, or a company function - Larry's caters to all requirements. Live music, played by local bands, is ...

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    Nelson Mandela Square

    Formerly known as Afga Theater on the Square, the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square hosts all kinds of entertainment, including musicals, plays, children's ...

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    27A 4th Avenue

    "Peace be da journey" is the essence of Cool Runnings Cafe, a Jamaican-themed cafe that taps into the island vibe. Nestled in the heart of Melville, Johannesburg, this popular spot ...

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    Between Linden and Greenside

    Not wholly given over to showcasing indigenous flora, these gardens feature little-known succulent flowers and bulb collections, an alpine collection ...

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    Wondercave Road

    Located in the internationally renowned valley of Kromdraai, the cave lies amidst famous archaeological and palaentological sites containing the oldest ...

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    Jan Smuts Ave & Westwold Way

    Probably the most frequented open-space area in the suburbs of Johannesburg, Zoo Lake has a restaurant, paddle-boat facilities as well as waterfowl in abundance. The restaurant is ...

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    Marcia St

    Bruma Lake is the end result of the successful conversion of an old sewerage catchment area into a lakeside flea market, shopping malls and commercial parks. Designed to resemble a fisherman ...

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    Alberton Road

    A pleasant 25-minute drive through the southern hills of Johannesburg leads one to this nature reserve where a variety of game, including cheetah, roam an unspoiled wilderness. The reserve offers ...