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    Giza Pyramids Plateau

    The commentary might not impress you, but the dazzling light show and awe-inspiring backdrop of the Sphinx and Pyramids surely will. Three times a night in three different ...

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    Giza Pyramids Plateau

    Of all Egypt's monuments, none is as majestic and haunting as the Great Sphinx. It was named as such by the Greeks, because of its physical similarity to a mythical creature with a lion's ...

  • User Review (41)

    Tahrir Square

    Founded in 1858 by French archaeologist Auguste Mariette (whose tomb is in the museum's garden), the giant salmon-colored building was built in 1902 under Khedive ...

  • User Review (25)

    Giza Plateau

    The most famous site in Egypt, and the one that appears on almost every tour package, this is the oldest and largest of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. Built by the IV ...

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    Next to Al-Ahli Sporting Club

    Built during the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser with Soviet assistance, this 187 meter (615-feet)-high slender tower on an island in the Nile offers spectacular views of Cairo. Its concrete lattice ...

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    El-Qalaa Street

    It may look like the partner of the Sultan Hassan Mosque next door, but half a century separates their construction dates. The mosque's construction began in 1869, but it was not ...

  • User Review (15)

    North Saqqara

    This landmark in the Saqqara necropolis was a turning point in Egyptian burial practices. Up until Imhotep designed this pyramid, comprised of six stacked ...

  • User Review (3)

    Mar Guirguis Street

    Established in 1908 to preserve Coptic Christian artifacts from destruction, this renovated old building houses the world's largest collection of Coptic art. Its ...

  • User Review (5)

    Citadel Historic Area

    With more space devoted to ceremonial equipment and costumes than the brutal realities of war, pacifists should not be deterred by the name of this museum. Scale ...

  • User Review (2)

    Hussein El Me'mar Basha Street

    Arguably the best private gallery in the city, owner William Wells is a leading figure in Cairo's art community. Exhibitions change frequently and many feature area display ...