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    Final Avenida Principal de Mariperez

    Although thousands of tourists go up the Cerro El Avila every day, you may only want to reach its summit, or the coast on the other side of the mountain. In that case, Caracas has two cable car ...

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    Avenida Principal de Los Chorros con Avenida Arístides Calvani

    Located at the foot of Caracas' Avila Mountain, Parque Los Chorros consists of 4.5 hectares of exuberant nature including the only natural waterfall in a capital city park. The landscape ...

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    Final Avenida Intercomunal de El Valle

    Opened in 1959, the Hipódromo La Rinconada is one of the most modern buildings of its kind on the continent. Every weekend, 12 thoroughbred races take place that are ...

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    Av Venezuela, entre Avenidas Monedano y Sojo

    This bar is a model of constancy and quality. The passing of time has not affected the quality of this spot, which has not yielded to the pressure of the latest ...

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    Av Avila con Calle Miranda

    This bar is known as a motorcycle biker bar, but it has a wide mix of clientele who visit for the great drinks and good cheer. They have a nice selection of beer, both on tap and in the bottle. This lively ...

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    Avenida Bolivar, Calle Oeste 8 con Sur 4

    This is a theater whose history dates back to years gone by, when internationally acclaimed performers visited Caracas on their tours, and when an ...

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    Unión de las Avenidas Los Ilustres con Los Símbolos

    The popularly named Paseo Los Próceres has three consecutive avenues; Los Ilustres, Los Símbolos and Los Próceres. Where the first two join, one ...

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    Paseo Colón

    Created in 1944, Caracas Botanical Garden is a display of exuberant nature, as interesting for the scholar as for the layperson. It contains more than 2,000 native and non-indigenous ...

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    Calle 10

    In every Venezuelan city and town, the main square is named after Simon Bolivar. Caracas' Plaza Bolivar is not only the center of civic, political, commercial, social and tourist activity, but it stands on ...

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    Avenida Sur

    The Catedral Metropolitana de Caracas is more modest than others on the continent but its well-preserved ornate detailing has great artistic value. The site was ...