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    150 Meeting St

    Founded in 1681 within the original city walls, this is one of Charleston's oldest churches and established the first Sunday school in South Carolina. With its beautiful ...

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    182 Rutledge Ave

    Founded by immigrant Polish and Prussian Jews who came to Charleston in the 19th and early 20th century, this synagogue is steeped in history. The synagogue holds adult education ...

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    44 Queen St

    In 1681, a group of persecuted French Huguenots left France and established a community in Charleston, but a series of fires burned the churches they built. The 1845 ...

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    5 Clifford St

    Since 1742 St. John's Lutheran Church has been actively working for the development and enrichment of it's patrons. "The Post & Courier Newspaper" has featured this remarkable ...

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    142 Church St

    Since 1680, St. Philip's Episcopal Church has been spreading the teachings of the Bible along with faith and love among its patrons. For better outreach the church ...

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    98 Wentworth St

    Grace Church is an Episcopal Christian Community that follows the preachings of Jesus Christ. Their sole belief lies in the heartfelt sincere worship along with various ministries ...

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    67 Anson St

    St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, built in 1836 is a unique church among other Episcopal churches. It was the first church to not rent out its pews. The ministry of the church ...

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    90 Hasell St

    Twenty years after Charleston was established in 1670, a Jewish settlement in the city came into existence. Heralded as a city of religious tolerance and practice, the Jewish community ...

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    91 Anson St

    Established in 1850, St. John's Reformed Episcopal Church has gained popularity for reasons more than one. Frequented by tourists and ...

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    21 E Battery St

    Built by Scottish merchant Charles Edmondston, the three-story mansion is now a museum that showcases the wealthy landed gentry lived in the early 19th Century. Bought and ...