Five Miles Up with ... Karl Urban

Y! Travel shares an armrest for a chat about Bora Bora, BBQ in Argentina (good) and burritos in London (not so much)

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See Karl Urban in film roles like Bones on "Star Trek," Eomer in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy or Kirill in "The Bourne Supremacy," and he may seem a bit foreboding. Fans ain’t seen nothin’ yet. On Friday, Urban hits the screen as Judge Dredd in "Dredd 3D," where he’ll take on Mega City’s drug lords, serving as judge, jury and … executioner. Talk to the guy in person and there’s a sense he’s a pussycat. A big clue to this side of his personality… what he packs in his carry-on.
What’s something you never fail to pack in your suitcase?
Nag Champa incense. It makes your clothes and room smell good.
Carry-on or check-in?
Carry on.
Window or aisle?
Do you bring food with you on plane? If so, what do you typically pack?
When in Los Angeles, I will always bring a Bay Cities Italian Deli sandwich on plane – Salsalito  turkey with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, pickle, and provolone.
What’s your idea of the perfect vacation?
Bora Bora (Tahiti). It’s amazing; one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.
Tell us about a vacation you’ve taken that’s come close thus far.
Aitutaki, it’s a little lagoon on the South Pacific just outside of Rarotonga.
What’s the worst vacation you’ve taken?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one.
Where’s been your favorite film location thus far?
There’ve been many. If I had to choose one, it would be Cape Town, South Africa. We shot "Red" there.
Have you ever traveled someplace that surprised you?
Argentina. The people were wonderful and the food was amazing – the way they barbecue their meat is incredible, and love their mate tea.
What's the most unusual souvenir you ever came back with?
When I was in Berlin, I bought a chunk of the Berlin Wall. And if it wasn’t the Berlin Wall, then it was a pretty piece of wall.
Ever try a food that you wished you hadn't?
I had a burrito in London, which I regretted.
Favorite resort you've ever stayed in?
The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.  It’s paradise.
What's the biggest regret you've ever had while on vacation?
I wish I’d climbed the face of Table Mountain when I was in Cape Town.
What's the one thing you're willing to splurge on above all else?

Good food.
Three artists on your travel playlist?
I’m going with four –  Flight of the Conchords, Van Morrison, The Doors and Bob Marley.
Where would you take someone visiting your hometown for the first time?
The west coast of Auckland, New Zealand, where they shot "The Piano." It’s very isolated there and has beautiful black, sandy beaches.
You only get one more trip in your lifetime. Where will it be?

I’d go somewhere I haven’t been. I’d check out Rome, the Grecian Islands, then duck down to Africa.

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