The man with the golden sun: Flickr photo of the day


(Photo: Marshall Valencia / Flickr)

You traveled halfway around the world to the west coast of southern Thailand. Standing under an umbrella, you study the azure horizon of the Andaman Sea. Should you hire a beach boat to take you to the limestone karst that towers 600 feet above the bay? Perhaps from the top you can spot Scaramanga’s boat, speeding to his island hideaway.

You’ve got to stop him from harnessing the power of the sun with the Solex Agitator and sending the world into economic chaos, but you know he knows you’re after him, and he has a golden gun. Perhaps you should stay put for a while; rub some more oil on the girl’s back and order another Martini; shaken, not stirred, because you are Bond, James Bond.

Photographed in Krabi, Thailand, by Marshall Valencia.

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