Flickr photo of the day: The Sun Conure


(Photo: Rajeev Rajagopalan / Flickr)

They once flocked in such large numbers that they resembled a sunset as they took to the sky. Not anymore. The magnificent Sun Parakeet, or Sun Conure, is unfortunately endangered in its wild habitat of northeastern South America, but thriving in pet shops.

Like all parrots, the pairs bond and like to take care of one another. The 1992 Wild Bird Conservation Act barred importation of wild parrots. Before that, hundreds of thousands of the highly intelligent birds were brought into the United States each year. Now that they are being bred in captivity, numbers in the wild may begin to grow.

These parrots are so intelligent that, given a chance, they might learn to play chess. As pets, if properly cared for, they can live for 25 to 30 years, while squawking louder than birds twice their size.

Photographed in Jurong Town, Singapore, by Rajeev Rajagopalan.

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