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  • Private islands you can rent (some are even affordable)

    Charlie's Island in Florida, which can cost as low as $50 per person with eight people. (Photo:
    What if we told you that you could rent an entire island for less per night than the cost of a medium-rare steak in Manhattan? What if we told you that one of the most beautiful resorts in the world is located off the coast of Cambodia … and that you and your 65 closest friends could have it to yourselves for a week – with a promise of personal infinity pools at every villa? Were you also aware that you can see the northern lights and orcas in the same day from a lighthouse in Norway, with no one around for miles?

    Private island rental is not out of reach for most budgets, if you know where to look. There are entire companies that act as umbrella companies for a range of private island rentals.

    Yahoo Travel decided to round up these favorites among the world’s private island rental pool. Most of them are definitely for CEO budgets only, but others are more affordable. If these atoll getaways don’t make you want to travel … nothing will.

    Click above for a gallery of rentable private islands.

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  • 10 classic steakhouses to visit soon

    (Photo: Michael Berman / Peter Luger)

    The snow is falling. The fire is crackling. In some cities, entire cars were recently frozen in ice blocks. This is no time for salad. A rare meat and red wine reckoning is upon us. It’s time to obey your inner caveman.

    In honor of surviving The Polar Vortex, Yahoo Travel sought out America’s famed institutions of dry aging and in-house butchering. These steakhouses have managed to serve cuts so delectable, some of them have celebrated more than a century in business. Dine in the candlelit museum that is Keen’s Chophouse in Manhattan, or experience the smoky appeal only achieved by the open flame grills of Bohanan’s down in San Antonio, Texas. Seeking out a perfect prime rib in San Francisco just might make winter (dare we say it?) enjoyable.

    Pull up a chair. Pick up a knife. It’s steakhouse season, and these are the top 10 places to revel in it.

    Peter Luger, New York City

    Peter Luger has been serving enormous, piping hot steaks since 1887. In that century-plus-some, they’ve learned the

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  • Best new bars in the U.S. mix drinks with bowling, disco and more

    (Photo: Courtesy of Patpong Road, Miami)

    The masterminds behind some of America’s best bars have been busy. Outstanding new places to party have popped up all across the country, including a fun and friendly Tiki spot in Louisville, and a coastal Spanish tapas bar in the East Village of New York City. We can’t get enough of Portland’s new whiskey library, and you can now get premium bottle service in Miami for only $130!

    Cheers to 2013 and our favorite, must-visit spots for the start of 2014.

    Patpong Road – Miami

    Tucked away above the mammoth Khong River House restaurant is itty-bitty, super-awesome Patpong Road. The teak-and-graffiti design is an American version of some place you might stumble across down an alley in Bangkok. The bar menu is premium, and the staff knows their way around a shaker tin. You can flop down on cushioned benches with your buddies and order from a menu of authentic Thai small plates.

    Drink: Their Laid-ee cocktail. It’s a combo of fresh fruit juice, rum and lime, served in a plastic baggie with a straw

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  • Better than the ball drop: 8 great New Year’s Eve party bars

    (Photo: Powers Imagery for LAVO)

    Roughly 200,000 people will stand for hours in below-freezing temperatures to watch the ball drop in New York City's Times Square this year. It’s quite possible that these are secret Navy Seals — can normal people actually tolerate being outside in Manhattan in December with no heat, no booze and not much to do till the ball comes down? As for the rest of us, we will be in the bar.

    We wanted to salute a few spots that will be turning up the tunes and sending out the Champagne in style this year. From a beer bar with a lesser-known ball drop in Michigan to one of New York’s most coveted dance clubs, these are great choices if you have more common sense than to stand outside and wait for hours for a neon ball to descend a pole for 10 seconds.

    Lavo, Las Vegas

    If you are the type to go huge on New Year’s Eve, nowhere goes off quite like Las Vegas. We like the looks of Lavo inside The Palazzo this year and the headliner, DJ Vice. DJ Times just listed him on its Top 10 list for 2013 and the

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  • Coffee shops that will hook you with caffeine and cool decor

    We could sound off about the leaves changing colors. We could point to knit gloves and thick scarves or pre-holiday jitters as the inspiration to wander into a cool coffee shop and drink a cup. The truth is, many Americans drink coffee year round. All day … and, with such a fervent abandon, they’ll consume it hot, in 90-degree heat.

    Perhaps then, fall just stands simply as one more excuse to have a third cup in a day? One cannot be sure, but it did seem a perfect season for Yahoo Travel to shout out those illustrious coffee houses that go the extra mile. Click here for a photo tour.

  • The top food crazes of 2013, and where you could find them

    If there’s one thing we as humans love to latch on to, it’s a food trend.

    This past year, lines stretched down an entire New York City block for Dominique Ansel Bakery’s new creation – the Cronut. If you confused your coffee with Ambien and somehow slept through the press buzz surrounding this, the Cronut is a mix of a croissant and a doughnut. It’s been so sought after, we are pretty sure it might be glazed in immortality.

    In this gallery, we salute a few food crazes from 2013 that we’d like to see stick around permanently – like the new wave of adult alcoholic slushies and, yes, the sainted Cronut. For fun, we discuss a few that we don’t quite understand as well. Are we sure people wanted a Ramen Burger or cookbooks based on corpses? Read on …

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  • Where to dine in the outdoors this fall

    Outstanding in the Field. (Photo: Jeremy Fenske)

    When summer starts to wane, there can be a sense of urgency to make the most of the great outdoors before winter hits. We have that same “seize the day (and night)” feeling as August flows into September.

    In honor of the urgency, we’ve rounded up nine great food and drink experiences that will satiate your love of wine, cheese, burgers and beer with your need to experience Mother Nature at her finest.

    Wine & Dine Surrounded by Breathtaking Nature … with 99 strangers
    Where: Locations Around America
    When: Dinner scheduled through Nov. 24

    Outstanding in the Field is a dinner series, created almost two decades ago by a chef/artist named Jim Denevan. Originally staged in vineyards and open fields near Denevan’s home in California, the idea was to gather strangers to dine where their food was grown. The dinners paid homage to the farmers, fishermen, artisans and chefs who created them, and pretty soon, Outstanding in the Field grew from its California roots to visit cities around the globe.


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  • This guy gets paid to wrestle gators

    (Photos: Courtesy of Paul Phillips, Airboat Adventures)

    Paul Phillips has spent three decades dealing with alligators. While most people living on the swamps of Lafitte, La., see alligators swimming by every day, they do so from the safety of porches or boat decks.

    Paul’s version of “dealing” means jumping in the water and swimming with them. He’s an alligator wrestler. Alligator wrestling – a combination of sport and hunting developed by Southeastern Native American tribes – dates back to the late 1800s. Paul’s family is Shawnee and the men in his family have been wrestlin’ gators for more than 150 years.

    Paul and his friends also hunt them as a food and revenue source. Alligator, it turns out, is not only high in protein, but also delicious. His 97-year-old grandmother makes a mean plate of gator, stuffed with cayenne peppers and onions. We sat down with Paul to get at the heart of swamp life and gator hunting.

    How long have you worked as a tour guide for Airboat Adventures?
    April of last year. I was a commercial fisherman my whole life until

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  • New York’s balut challenge: all the duck embryo you can eat

    Last year's balut challenge in New York. (Photo: Keith Bedford / Reuters)

    “We may or may not have been drinking when we came up with the idea for this competition,” laughs Nicole Ponseca. “But, really, it’s less about the intimidation factor and more about finding a fun way for us to gather everyone together around something our culture loves.”

    Ponseca is a co-owner of New York City’s two hottest Filipino restaurants, Maharlika and Jeepney – both located in the East Village. And, while she’s joking about being tipsy when they devised this eating contest, the average American might have to be slightly drunk to sign up. It’s pretty intimidating.

    A balut egg. (Photo: Katie Sokoler)The second annual Balut Eating Contest hits the Big Apple on Aug. 3. Forget your typical hot dog or apple pie eating challenge. Balut is a fertilized duck egg that’s between 14 and 21 days old, on average. It’s hard boiled, cracked open and consumed warm.

    “It’s definitely got a beak, bones and some feathers,” explains Ponseca, of one of her favorite street foods back home in the Philippines. “It’s not your normal egg

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  • Best ice cream shops to dig into this summer

    Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. (Photo: Paige Green)

    American ice cream shop menus are reflections of their owners. Some – like the list at the brand new Odd Fellows in Brooklyn – change daily based on the whims of the creative geniuses in the kitchen. Others, like the tried-and-true flavors at Wilton Candy Kitchen in Iowa, haven’t changed a lot in the century and a half they’ve been serving scoops.

    We’ve rounded up the best spots to buy a cone or a cup this year. Some are old; some are new. Some own their own milk cows and others are pouring beer in the batter. Really want your taste buds blown? Amble up to a Coolhaus truck and partake in a Chicken & Waffles-flavored ice cream sandwich before summer’s over. Yes, you read that right.

    Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop
    San Francisco

    Serving the vibrant and varied Mission neighborhood in San Francisco, Bi-Rite focuses on ripe organic fruit, local cream and milk from a nearby organic dairy, and sustainable practices like compostable cups and spoons. Unlike other chilly, white-tile-decorated parlors,

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