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  • How to see New York in a hurry

    They don’t call it a New York Minute for nothing. The city moves at a fast pace like no other. So what do you do if you’re visiting New York City with only a few hours to spare?

    We brought in Laura Michonski, site director of, to offer her expert advice:

    • If you want to see the Statue of Liberty quickly, the best way is to book a cruise where you can admire Lady Liberty from all angles.
    • A great way to combine work with play is to book a meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After your morning or lunch meeting at the lovely Petrie Court Café, then explore the world-class museum.
    • If you’re short on time and want to see a lot quickly, stop by the Rockefeller Center. You can take in Radio City Music Hall, do some shopping or enjoy the 70th-floor view of the entire city from the tower.
    • To help you navigate the immense city, familiarize yourself with the subway system and buy a weekly, unlimited subway pass. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a local for directions!
    • The one landmark you
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  • Tour & Explore with money-saving summer deals

    Travel is fun; searching for travel deals, not so much. Nevertheless, knowing how and when to book a trip can make a huge difference in savings and benefits. For our first episode of Tour & Explore, we interview Jaime Freedman of to get her expert tips on how to maximize your travel dollar this summer. Here are a few highlights:

    • Now is a great time to save on a cruise. To help win back travelers this summer, the industry is offering such incentives as meals, entertainment and transfers to additional destinations.
    • Think about booking for shoulder season, which comes right after a peak travel period such as Labor Day. You can have all the fun of a place like Myrtle Beach without the high prices and big crowds.
    • Airfare booking is for Tuesday. Ideally, right after midnight Tuesday. This is when the newest deals tend to come out.

    For more of Freedman's tips, check out the video.

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