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  • Curtis Stone’s favorite weird (to us) Australian foods

    Kangaroo loin. (Photo: Renée Suen 孫詩敏 / Flickr)

    Celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who was born in Melbourne, Australia and now lives in Los Angeles, wrote this for Compass

    Food’s such an interesting thing; there are some things regionally here in America that are really out there. In the Midwest one day, we were eating cow’s testicles deep fried – Rocky Mountain Oysters – quite normal for that part of town. And I think back to when I was a kid and my mom would cook lamb’s brain – and she’d call it “lamb’s fry.” As kids we had no idea – it had breadcrumbs with lemon squeezed on it.

    It’s interesting how culturally you can cross so many boundaries, and what’s absolutely normal in one place. Here in California we think the cuisine is quite conservative, but I don’t see it that way. L.A. is the home of incredible sushi, and they eat stuff that my dad would never dream of eating. He’d be quite happy with a steak and kidney pie.

    Cooking kangaroo tail. (Photo: Andrea Williams / Flickr)Cooking kangaroo tail. (Photo: Andrea Williams / Flickr)Here are some delicious staples of Australian cuisine, and how you can eat them:


    I think we’re the only country

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